Our mission is inclusion to all

Why diversity and inclusion?

We can only thrive in a thriving environment. We believe that diversity and inclusion is the answer to sustaining the level of growth and innovation happening in FinTech.

Diversity and inclusion will enable us to attract top talent to keep up with the number of new jobs forming from growth, as well as bringing new ideas to the table for future innovation.
We are the only FinTech community to use membership fees to fund charities and community STEM projects.

While you get access to the commercial benefits of joining a community, you also get to support and be part of good causes, which in turn will ensure the future attraction of diversity in FinTech.

Who we are

We have made it our mission to promote diversity and inclusion in FinTech. But this is more than just attracting diverse talent – it’s also about being inclusive to retain the talent and ensure the industry continues to grow and thrive.

This means we need to consistently strive to be a better place to work. It is a journey not a tick box exercise and that is why we need a community, so that we can work together to make the change.

As a community our shared values tie every one of us together and unite us with a real sense of pride and purpose, so we deliver sustainable results for both now and the future, while making a positive social impact.


Gemma Young

I am passionate about making the work place inclusive for everyone. Some of the best things I have been taught in my career, have been from people who may not have had a voice at other companies. I truly believe that asking, and more importantly listening to EVERYONE in your company and valuing their opinions, is how disruption and innovation are so successfully shaking up the industry.

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