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Reasons to Join

Our DiversiTech Hub Emblem allows you to showcase that you actively support inclusion, allowing you to attract diverse talent for growth and innovation.
Our workshops on inclusion in the workplace will enable you to retain top talent and are perfect to train your staff in D&I or to support your D&I team.
STEM Projects
Our memberships fund STEM projects directly supporting the next generation of innovators, ensuring the sustainable growth of FinTech.
Exclusive Forums
Our exclusive community Whatsapp group is a growing platform allowing collaboration and questions to be asked and answered within the community.
Exclusive Events
Our member only networking events with provide insights from industry thought leaders.
Collaboration Zone
Our collaboration zone is an area where members can share their services and contact details. The community will be encouraged to use fellow members when looking for business partners.
Lunch Clubs
Our quarterly lunch clubs connect you with peers and potential clients, helping your company to develop and grow new business.

The DiversiTech Pledge

On joining DiversiTech, you are asked to pledge your commitment to being inclusive in the workplace. After making the pledge we then support you on this journey by giving you access to workshops on diversity and inclusion, as well as access to an entire community working together to build a more balanced and fair industry.

To showcase your support of this, you get use of our emblem on your website, emails and job postings, helping you to attract diverse talent and showcasing that you are a safe place for minorities to work with.

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