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The importance of FinTech to commodity traders and the obstacles they face...

"Traditionally, commodity trading has been reliant on location, time and blending to make sustainable profits, this set up is now being challenged."

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An insight into being a Millenial working in FinTech

"Looping younger people into meeting and asking for their opinion are important elements." - Emmy Granström, a 25 year old Marketing Director for SteelEye.

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Women of FinTech Interview with Katie Strattan

Women of FinTech Interview with Katie Strattan, Project Manager at Athlon

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60 seconds with Celine Crawford, Chief Communications Officer at Smarkets

We quiz Celine on her thoughts on the evolution of FinTech

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An insight into being a minority in the workplace

"For Fintech: trust and relationships are core to executing deals. Therefore, any disruption must enhance relationships, not replace them."

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Diversity & Inclusion - the new FinTech disrupter...

Our founding member, Sharon Doherty, Chief People Officer at Finastra is best known for championing the award winning diversity and inclusion agenda at Vodafone, she is now changing the landscape of FinTech.

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CIAM selects SteelEye for trade surveillance, best execution and record keeping

Replacing their existing set up to future proof their regulatory requirements and adopt a more proactive approach to compliance.

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The Sunday Times reports on the importance of DiversiTech Hub

DiversiTech Hub were recently featured in the Sunday Times for their work in tackling the bias within FinTech

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The importance of STEM projects and youth opportunity

Ahead of our first STEM project on the 22nd November, we interview Sylvia Stevenson, who is a member of DiversiTech Hub, COE of Diversity and Inclusion at Finastra

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What can we learn from Iceland, the most gender-equal country to date...

We talk to Eleni Vlami, Head of account management at Meniga, about gender equality in FinTech.

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Designing for diversity

Businesses need to consider diversity and inclusivity at every stage of the design process, here Anna Ryan at Athlon looks at how best to achieve this.

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National Inclusion Week

Inclusion is for everyone. We all either have current access needs, or are temporarily able-bodied and will have needs in the future.

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Launch Event

The speed networking complimented our diversity and inclusion message by getting people speaking to a diverse range of people.

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Work-life balance tips for World Mental Health Day

DiversiTech Hub look at methods we can all use to promote a healthy work-life balance, which not only promotes well-being and decreases your exposure to stress, but also promotes productivity in the workplace.

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AirBnB talk about diversity

We sat down with Sukhada Jog, a Manager in UX Research at Airbnb, where she leads research efforts for Airbnb payments to discuss her views on the topic.

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DiversiTech Hub speak to Jillian Williams, a 26 year old Principal at Anthemis Group.

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Diversity and Inclusion at Monzo

DiversiTech Hub speak to Tara Mansfield, Head of People at Monzo about her views on diversity and inclusion.

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The future of FinTech...

"I'd like to see the continued rise of social impact focused fintech businesses."​ - Tara Waters, Co-CEO of Ashurst Digital Ventures

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Islamic FinTech

Shariah-compliant financial assets forecast to total $3.8 trillion by 2022, but what does this mean for Islamic FinTech...

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