60 seconds with Celine Crawford, Chief Communications Officer at Smarkets

We quiz Celine on her thoughts on the evolution of FinTech

What is your role in FinTech?

Chief Communications Officer at Smarkets a tech business using financial trading technology to facilitate betting on sports politics and current affairs.

How have you seen FinTech evolve during your career?

Our current fintech landscape is all about Startups. With the general public's distrust of the traditional banking system, with the release of Bitcoin, Blockchain, Cloud and the penetration of Smartphones we have seen a shift in mindset for the consumer.

Neobanks, crypto, payment providers have all entered markets where we thought regulation would prevent them from entering. This has forced the traditional industries to update or die which as a whole has been a benefit to the consumer

How would you like to see FinTech evolve?

It would be an asset to this industry if we were able to be more open about experiences and failings to help businesses evolve. We all need each other to thrive and so being open and sharing whether in terms of tech advancement or people championing would go a long way. I would love to see more diversity in companies, especially on the tech side and hope London can continue to remain a multinational hub for all global citizens.

What were the highs and lows of FinTech 2019?

We have seen huge opportunities with the opening of APIs, mobile, exploring new business models and data analytics. Our biggest challenges remain achieving scale and reach, funding, building sustainable income streams and overcoming regulatory issues.

What are you looking forward to in 2020?

I am looking forward to seeing how companies harness technology for good and use things like Machine Learning and AI to help us enter the new decade with vim and vigour.

Who would you like to hear from? Or Why should we contact you?

We would like to attract more women technologists into our business.

Celine Crawford, Chief Communications Officer at Smarkets

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