Women of FinTech Interview with Katie Strattan

"Everyone has something valuable to contribute - so should be given the opportunity to be heard"​

How long have you worked in FinTech?

For 4 years...

Did you aim to work in FinTech?

No, I joined Athlon initially under an apprenticeship scheme and naturally fell into the role.

What attracted you to FinTech as an industry?

Although I didn’t actively seek out a career in FinTech originally, it’s exciting to be surrounded by cutting-edge technologies and being witness to the transformation and disruption of traditional finance.

What do you do in your current role?

As a PM, I manage a project from scope through to delivery. My core responsibilities are to manage the tasks led by our internal team and liaise with clients on a day-to-day to ensure the project is progressing smoothly.

Do you enjoy your job?

I genuinely love the role I am in - it’s challenging and fast paced, there’s never a dull moment. At Athlon, we have exposure to a vast scale of different projects so I am consistently growing and building on my knowledge.
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What can companies do to make you feel more represented?

Graduate programmes within the industry would allow younger people to get interested and involved from an earlier age, when they might not be aware of such opportunities.

What does diversity and inclusion mean to you?

Individuals should never feel that they are not qualified to do a certain role because of their gender, background, age and so on. For the future of all industries, not just limited to FinTech, it’s fundamental organisations are diverse as this proven to inspire creativity and increase profitability, creating great opportunities for employees.

Do you feel you are included / listened to in your workplace?

One of the key reasons why Athlon is a great company to work for is the fact that everyone’s opinion is heard, irrespective of your seniority, identity etc.
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Do you think companies would gain more by listening more to your age group and if so, why?

Young people are ambitious with fresh, innovative ideas - we are not stuck in our ways and are open to change. Everyone has something valuable to contribute - so should be given the opportunity to be heard.

What do you think of the gender landscape in fitech?

There’s certainly been an increase in the number of women working in FinTech over the past few years but more can be done to close the gender gap.
Introducing the industry to females at a younger age and ensuring there are more female leaders/success stories will encourage women to pursue a career in FinTech.
The change starts up top.

Do you feel you have enough exposure to successful women in this industry to inspire you?

Of recent, women in the industry are being more and more celebrated which is really positive.

Would you like a female mentor in the industry if one was available and if so why?

Yes, definitely. It would be encouraging to hear the success stories of female leaders in the industry.

Where do you want you career to take you in the next 5 years?

I am working to become more senior within my role and I am ambitious to manage more complex projects and generally grow within the FinTech industry.

How would you describe FinTech as an industry to someone at the beginning of their career?

Simply, the integration of modern technology and finance. Organisations using technology/software to provide financial services/solve a financial problem.

What advice would you give someone looking for their first job?

Be open-minded, seek work experience in a variety of roles to get a feel of what is out there and what might be the best fit for you.
Never rule anything out based on stereotypes but also don’t rush into anything - if something isn’t right-move on.
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We love a bit of reverse mentoring, what advice would you give to someone at the top of their career about looking after their employees?

Have time for your employees, even the most junior staff as they could grow, with your mentoring, to become something great.
Practise an open door policy - allowing employees to seek support when they need it.

Project Manager at Athlon

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